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N2N Calling out for a Street Team! Do you have what it takes?

OK here's the Deal N2N fans & friends! We are calling our N2N family for a N2N Street Team! We would like help promoting our shows. We would like several of them out there to help us stretch our coverage area. We will have perks that come with this such as VIP passes, possibly drink discounts and maybe free shirts or whatever that say N2N Street Team. Possibly even help at shows or having input on certain decisions helping us to have the audiences perspective. Message us if you are interested and let's get the ball rolling! Please send an email. Thanks and again N2N has the best fans out there!!!

Christopher M. Janvrin, Sr. N2N

Next 2 Nothing is back and kicking it hard in 2012!!

N2N has a busy schedule this year and we are very happy to be playing new clubs and we have added SOOO many new songs. We are also excited about our new line up and changes. With the new addition of AJ Feind on Lead Vocals, Justin "Sonny" Peterson on Lead guitar, Luke Horsman on drums and of course our long timers Jeff lien on Lead guitar and Nicole Woxland on Lead Vocals and Cindy Tudor new to accompany Nicole. This whole new lineup has brought a much needed fresh new look to N2N. We have added lot's of new dance tunes, new and old and put on a dynamic stageshow with props. It started out to add an entertainment value to the audience but has now brought that same entertaining quality to the band itelf. I think everyone is just trying to outdue each other. Frankly, I am scared! 8^) Do not miss our next show or many of our Street dances this 2012 year. It is going to be a great one! See you at a show soon!!

Christopher M. Janvrin, Sr. N2N

N2N past, present and future!

I would like to say thank you to all the past members of N2N and the memories, blood, sweat, tears and good times that were had. It got N2N to where it is today. I am talking about Dennis Thompson, Dennis Wilson, Scott Murphy, Pat Whalen, Sr., Pat Whalen, Jr., Jeremy Svihovic, Teddy Filoteo, Robert Tamayo, Bobby Pegram, Jeff Lien, Chris Aldis, Kendra Walker, Izzy Perry, Paul Greene, Jason Bartel & Sean Halverson. I swear I hope I didn't forget anyone. It has been a great ride but the ride is about to kick into overdrive. With all that said I am anxious to welcome the new members of N2N. Mark Kendall, Tim Hasler, Bob Schlief, Sean Drummond, Nicole Woxland & Brant Benson. New pix will be posted soon. We will have alot of the same stuff and a TON of newer stuff with lots of new exciting things happening with N2N so stay glued to your seats. The rides about to hit Mach 10.

Lastly, you may have noticed that I am proud to say that I am a playing with a few different bands. What can I say, I Love music. Shows should be up on the schedule. I am playing with Black Valentyne, Defuze & Shameless as well as N2N. Make sure to come and check us out and to continue to support the local music scene!

Christopher M. Janvrin, Sr. N2N

N2N set to rock Rochester Oktoberfest '08!

Next 2 Nothing will be playing Rochester Oktoberfest this year on Friday, Sept. 26th. We will be taking the stage at 7:00 p.m. in the Peace Plaza between the Mayo Clinic and the Gallaria. This will be an outdoor show. It will be a pre-North Star show. We will play for approximately an hour and then you can finish your night and weekend off with N2N at the North Star!

Christopher M. Janvrin, Sr. N2N