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Jeff Lien

Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

My name is Jeff Lien. I grew up in the small town of Lake Mills, Iowa. From there I went to college in Mankato where I started my musical career. I first co- founded the band Entropy with drummer, Bill Reinbold, and enlisted my good friend Brian Kent on vocals. We did mostly covers with some originals.

After about a year and a half, Brian moves to Wisconsin to pursue his computer career. Shortly after the band defused, Bill and I teamed up with bass player, Paul Blazer and started 3 Down Low\ Glowstrand, an all original band. We were a power pop band. We played quite extensively around the area and in the Twin Cities. After about a year and a half and a family, I decided to quit and focus more on my family. I started a new job that later transferred me to Rochester.

From Rochester I hung low for about a year. But the bug to play out again was overwhelming, so I met up with Dave Wilson, Mark Eidem, and Nate Skerka started the band Q Faction. We played around the area for several months doing covers and some originals. The direction of this band wasnít really what I wanted to do so I quit. Later I found out that Mark and Nate also felt the same way. I told the guys that I had a bunch of "heavier" songs that I had written and that was the direction that I wanted to go. They like the idea and we went with it. After a while though Nate decide to hang up the drum sticks and focus on his career. With Nate leaving, Mark and I didnít really know what to do. I told him of a friend of mine that played drums. In walks Pat Whalen. We talk, jam and it was done.

We all clicked very well. This was the birth of "Defuze". We were an all original band that played heavier songs in the vein of Nickelback and Puddle of Mudd. We were gaining a huge following even though we never played out, thank God for myspace. The only thing we were missing was a singer. After several months and auditions we landed Kurt Vatland. This took off like a rollercoaster ride. But, like before, it ended. Kurt didnít like this direction so he quit.

During this time I got a call from Chris Janvrin asking if I was interested in auditioning for guitar. The rest is history, or shall I say yet to come. I am married to my beautiful wife, Michelle, and I have four chitlands, Chase, Andrew, Jayme, and Isaac. In two words about my life, Busy and Chaotic. I am endorsed by no one just in case you wanted to know, but I do play Les Pauls, Fender, Line 6 guitars. Mesa Boogie amp and cabs, one marshall cab. Gretch 2-12 combo. A variety of pedals and a line 6 live pedal.