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Dan Tyrrell

Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

I grew up in the middle of nowhere in a town that no one has ever heard of and basically just tell people I grew up in the woods as it takes less effort.

Iíve been playing music most of my life starting on the piano, drums, and then guitar. I always wanted to learn the violin, but growing up, there was literally no one that played violin let alone teach it. Most everyone in my family was a musician and played something and performed. I had always wanted to be in an orchestra playing classical music, and after a handful of years of practicing classical pieces for hours and days on end, I still chickened out. I recognized a strong correlation of musical structure and discipline of classical music and Metal. I loved the technique and precision. I started off played in cover bands like most do, playing hard rock and metal and eventually started writing my own for my first original act Syndrome. Iíve played for a wide variety of bands over the years such as Angry Waters, an acoustic group, A Pantera tribute group that I was in for a long time.

Iíve played and performed a variety of genres over the years including writing my own solo/instrumental EP. At a young age I had always been drawn to classical music like Mozart, Bach, and Beethoven. As I grew with the guitar I discovered all these guys writing instrumentals on the guitar! Guys like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen, John 5, Blues Saraceno and thatís just rock and or metal, there are hundreds more in Flamenco styles, gypsy music, and I listen to it all. I adopted a concept way back thatÖwhat if you met someone who couldnít speak the same language or you couldnít communicate with them by typical means, but at the least they could hearÖhow would you convey feelings or emotions? Music. I truly believe music is a universal language.

Now I am fortunate to have been able to join Next 2 Nothing. Itís a new chapter for me musically. It is completely different than anything Iíve ever done before. They have a lot of fun and it is a blast to be a part of it.