Next 2 Nothing - Logo

Christopher M. Janvrin, Sr

Bass, Backing Vocals

" I'm not that witty - I Just do what the voices in my head tell me to do. "

My name is Christopher M. Janvrin, Sr. I am the bass player and founder of Next to Nothing. I have been playing live shows since I was 14. So in essence music has been in my veins for over half of my life. I got introduced to my addiction, Rock 'n' Roll, by my friend Roger. I was clueless at that age but became known as the best air guitarist alive!! So we started my first band. An air band called "The Dynamite Rockers". We even had shirts made! Then we decided to make an actual band when Roger also introduced to me what a bass was, you know, a guitar but easier, I mean duh, and THAT kicked off my musical career.

Playing live for the 1st time at 14 at the Stewartville High School talent show and soon to follow, Rochester JM talent show and Kellogg School talent show. I had 5 shows under my belt after only playing for 3 weeks. I Rocked!! At that time I became introduced to my best friends Tim, Dennis & Jack and BoneDance was a product of that many years later. I went on the road for a few years touring all the Central states from Texas to Minnesota with BoneDance.

I have been in too many other bands to name and played more shows than I can remember. I have 6 albums to my name that I have written and co-written. Wicked Ways, Jester and two from my last band BoneDance and from Defuze. I have had radio play over the United States with each of those albums. I almost got signed to Electra Records back in '95 when I came off the road to become a family man. What can I say though, music is in my veins but Rock n' Roll is where my heart is. I listen to everything though.

I play Spector basses and play through an Ampeg SVT4 Pro amp, SansAmp Preamp and 2 Ampeg 8x10 cabinets. My goal with this band has been heavily researched. I want to bring lots of fun to all of the audience with our range of music and dance tunes. My last main goal for this band is to make everyone have such a good time dancing that chicks pee their pants on the dance floor because they just can't get their booty off the catwalk because of the music we play or maybe because they can't take their eyes off of me. J/K, I know it's the latter of the two........ Wakka, Wakka, Wakka!!!